I love summer as much as the next person but snow is my passion. It is safe to say I am bummed about how fast winter went by this year. I am an avid snowboarder, snowmobiler and snow lover, so watching it melt and warm up so fast is a bit of a bummer. I was injured this winter and couldn't participate in all of the winter fun that all of my friends were having so it seemed to pass me by even faster after I healed. I love summer, but I just needed a little reminder of all of the fun that is to be had while I wait for the snow to come back!

1. Boating at the Lake! Everyone loves a good swim and hanging out with friends!

2. Shorts and flip flops! More heat means less clothing and comfier shoes... but lets keep it PG here!

3. Patios at restaurants open! It is so nice eating your meal with friends outside.

4. BBQ's and bonfires! Having a BBQ is a great way to celebrate birthdays or just unwind on a hot summer's day... also fun at the Lake.

5. Windows open and tops down! Everyone with a drop top is driving around with their music up and their hair blowing around in the warm summer air.