There is only one time of year to wear an ugly Christmas sweater so to some it might be a waste of money. Good thing this company will rent you a hideous piece of yarn to wear for the holiday festivities!

Next Friday, December 12th, is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Instead of wasting money on something you will only wear once a year or maybe never again, rent a sweater!

Rent The Runway is an online rental site and yesterday they announced that they had a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters. There are only 12 sweaters so act fast. And they're only available in the size listed. A four-day rental costs $15, but after tacking on $5 for insurance, $10 for shipping and tax, the total cost tops $30.

If you don't mind purchasing an Ugly Christmas Sweater to show off this season you have options. also sells ugly Christmas sweaters for the sports lover's favorite team; Target has an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Box Kit," including a sweater, beads, bows and bells, for $24.99. I'm personally kicking myself for not buying the ugly Christmas sweater I saw with faux leather fringe down the sleeves. Dang it!