A woman is recently engaged. She just discovered something that happened in his past and she is worried it will affect her future with him. Now she is questioning if she should marry him or not.

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Mike & Kate-
I've been engaged for the last 6 months and am currently planning my wedding for next spring. I love my fiance with all my heart and fully believe that we are meant to be. That is why I'm struggling so much with the information I recently found out about him.
For Christmas my sister got me that book called Ask Me. It's full of questions and you can either fill it out yourself or ask your partner. While going through these questions I found out that when my fiance was in prep school he slept with another guy. He claims it was a one time thing. It was something that happened back east at these prep schools. There were no girls at their school. Boys with ragging hormones and sometimes they experimented. He swears he only did it one time because it wasn't for him. He swears he is 100% straight.
Now I'm struggling with this information. I'll be honest, I only thought women experimented sexually. I know that sounds naive but I never thought guys did. I always thought they were either gay or straight.
I worry that this is something that will come back to haunt me latter in life. Is he really gay and just trying to life a lifestyle his family approves of? Is he pushing these feelings down and trying to avoid them? Or can men experiment and then live a straight life in love with the same woman forever?
In his defense, our "trips to Oklahoma" are amazing. He knows what he is doing. He never has trouble reaching the finish line and it feels like fireworks every time.
I love this man, I just want to be smart if a giant red flag is waiving in my face.
Any advice?

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