A woman's husband's dog is dying. The husband is in denial over losing his best friend. The dog is suffering. Should the wife go against her husband's wishes and do what he can't.

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Mike and Kate,
My husband's dog is on its deathbed and he does not want to take it to the vet to be put down. I can tell she has been miserable for weeks and does not have a good quality of life. I have offered to go with my husband to the vet or to put her down myself in a humane way but he has decided to let it go naturally. I feel bad for our dog and believe it is cruel to let it suffer this way. Should I assist in its death and stop her suffering or should I respect his wishes and wait it out? As a side note, I am a nurse and I know how to help the dog go quickly and painlessly without him knowing. Or should I take it to the vet without him knowing and have the dog put down to end it's suffering? I can't stand to see the dog suffer.

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