Dear Mike and Nicole

I have a friend that called me and asked if I thought it would be okay to propose without a ring. He's out of a job right now, but he's a professional. He's in business real estate or something like that, but he's out of work. He does have a savings.

He's had the same girlfriend for at least 3 years and they love each other. She's a school teacher. He feels that it's time to get married. He doesn't want to buy a ring just yet. He wants to propose and tell her when he gets a job again, they can get that dream ring. IS IT okay to propose without a ring? I said no, absolutely not, you have to have a ring, but another buddy said she wouldn't care about a ring only that they would be getting married after 3 years. He doesn't know what to do.I also told him I would send this email to you to have you and your 12 listeners help him decide what to do.

Thanks so much, love listening every morning.
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