My mom tells me I was born on a Monday.  I have three daughters, and one of them was born on a Tuesday.  The other two arrived on Thursdays.

What's the most popular day for having babies?  It ain't Saturday!

Sometimes it's a scheduled c-section or induction, according to the CDC, but many times it's just the baby deciding he or she wants to enter the world on a particular day. And more often than not, the CDC says that's a Tuesday.  Tuesday is the most popular baby-havin' day.

And on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 I remember some pain happening, and then my little Kallan arrived at 4:30pm.  Little did she know she was already in the popular crowd by arriving on a Tuesday.

I suppose we moms would rather miss work on a Tuesday than give birth on a Saturday or Sunday, so it all makes sense!  And then we're out of the hospital by Thursday or Friday and we have the weekend ahead of us.  That works well.

So let me be the first to issue an early congrats on your little bundle of joy that will arrive tomorrow.  January 28th is not only a cool Tuesday, it's also the birthday of Elijah Wood and my cousin, Mindi.  Good luck!