A few weeks ago, after seeing a study from a Doctor in Japan about how thoughts and intentions can have a shocking effect on our surroundings. I was skeptical, so I did my own experiment four you to follow along with.

Dr. Emoto is a Japanese doctor  who found through his research that thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality. Thanks to evolveandascend.com, this video shows the effects of rice in water after each jar received positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and complete abandonment.

Seriously his results are shocking
So be careful of your thoughts and words to people around you, the may have a deeper impact than we ever realized.

I can't believe that my experiment's results were almost completely the opposite of Dr. Emoto's.  I have decided to try it again to see if I somehow screwed up the experiment.

Watch for more on that soon, in the meantime Here was Dr Emoto's original experiment