Michael Jackson is gone, but if response to his latest release of new material is any indication, he is definitely not forgotten.

I really like Michael Jackson music.  One of my favorite albums of all time is "Thriller" from the early 80's.  I also really like Justin Timberlake's music, so it's no surprise, that I really enjoy their collaboration for Michael's newest album Xcape.


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Epic Record’s  release of Michael’s new album “Excape” happened earlier this week and it has officially hit number 1 in sales in 50 different countries, including here in the United States.  The King of Pop’s set of eight unheard tracks has been given a reworking by  a group of accomplished and acclaimed producers such as Timbaland.

The first single from the album, “Love Never Felt So Good”, debuted at the beginning of the month.

Justin Timberlake teams up with Michael on the song, which was originally written by Jackson and Paul Anka back in 1983.

Epic Records agreed to release Xscape after CEO LA Reid was allowed access to Jackson’s 40 year music archive.

So far, Xscape, has been receiving favorable reviews from music critics.


Watch the video from the first release and you be the judge.  How do you like it?