One of the things I'm most excited about for The Women Ignite Idaho Conference and Trade Show is the Man Panel!

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There is so many amazing things that will be happening at the Women Ignite Idaho Conference and Trade Show on April 12th & 13th but I have to admit the thing I am looking forward to the most is the man panel. Carolyn Casey, The "Aha Facilitator," session is called "He's Not Broken...And Neither Are You."

What if you could dramatically improve your experience of men—at work, at home and in general—with one new idea? Come have fun with Carolyn and a panel of men laughing about the different ways women and men approach life and each other. And learn that no one is broken (despite your previous experiences!). You won’t ever view or treat men in the same way. And that will make all the difference in your life. Hold on… the fun is about to begin! We will also touch on our relationships with each other as women, and how to compassionately support all the women in our lives.

Then the question and answer portion starts with the man panel! 2007 Fiesta Bowl star, Ian Johnson is one the men on the panel. If you remember, Ian appears to be a very romantic man because he proposed to his wife Kristy on national television right after the Fiesta Bowl win! Also on the panel: Brett Labit, married and President/CEO of Local Impact Zone; Brandon Wright, married and founder of; Justin Foster, married, author and co-founder of

I love man panels! I love hearing their take, their perception, their view point because it's usually so different from mine. It's more simple, it's more straight forward, there is no over analyzing. I find it very eye opening. You will see me in the audience listening intently and then I get to share my story! Yes, I am following the man panel. Those are big shoes to fill but I am going to give it the college try!