Mike and I swear we learn something new everyday from our 12 listeners. Today was no different. After today, we now know more then we ever though possible about the reproductive process of a tarantula! There is a reason why we started talking about this....

A woman lost her pet tarantula. The tarantula just happens to be pregnant so this lady is really panicked to find this hairy spider before it has a thousand babies in someone's closet. Yuck! I can't even write that without cringing! I hate spiders!!! Her missing posters in her neighborhood say this:

I know she looks crazy scary, but she’s mostly harmless. She’s pregnant, so I’m hoping to find her before she has her babies. She’s mostly active at night and likes to hide in dark corners. She shouldn’t bite, but sometimes jumps when frightened. If you find her, please try to catch her and put her in a tupperware bowl with a few holes in the top for air. Then please call me and I will come get her.


Immediately after reading this, the questions came up..."How many babies does a tarantula have? Where did you find another tarantula to knock yours up?" And that's how the random conversation of Tarantulas going to Oklahoma started. If you are like me and know nothing about tarantula procreation then click here for way to much spider-lovin' info! Thanks listener #3, Jodie, for this info!