Remember when Smash Mouth was here a couple years ago for the Boise Music Festival? Well, be glad you didn't throw anything at them, or you would have seen a large can of whoop ass being opened. 

I thought when Smash Mouth was in Boise they were awesome.  Very approachable and fun, but then again I didn't throw any food at them while they were on stage.

There was a three-day food and music festival in Colorado over the weekend called "Taste of Fort Collins," and when Smash Mouth performed on Sunday, people started throwing bread up on the stage.  So the band's lead singer Steve Harwell totally flipped out.

He threatened to beat up the people throwing it, and even went into the crowd looking for them.  Luckily security calmed him down and he got back on stage.  The rest of the band played the opening riff to "All Star" the whole time, and eventually the song started.  The crowd sang most of it themselves before Steve joined in.  But a couple minutes later, he continued swearing at the bread-throwers, and saying he deserved respect.

(WARNING:  The video link contains UNCENSORED profanity.)