Last night, the latest season of ABC's The Bachelorette, debuted and one of the 25 men is from Kuna, Idaho!

So let me get this straight, there is a guy in this town, who is a functioning member of society and he wants a committed relationship?! How come I've never run into him in town? That was the text sent around the Treasure Valley last night as all of us single girls watched the Bachelorette.

Meet Joshua from Kuna. He's 6'2, 31 years old and an industrial welder with nine tattoos.
He's summitted Mt Kilimanjaro in Kenya.
To him, marriage means finding that one person that God had tailor-made just for him.
Will Joshua make it to the final rose to be with Britt or Kaitlyn?
Watch and find out. See him again tonight on ABC!