I will admit, I would much rather sleep with someone next to me than sleep alone. And when I say that, I mean a human man! Not a knitted boyfriend like this woman has created.

Juriah-Mosin via ThinkStock

My Knitted Boyfriend is just that. A giant, life size boyfriend that some woman in Holland knitted. She got the idea while in design school because she was lonely. Now she is getting international attention over her knitted, machine washable boyfriend.

I am sorry, but this is just creepy. I don't care how lonely I get. I would feel even worse about my situation if I was sharing my bed with a knitted boyfriend.  He looks kind of like a pillow but I am still not buyin' it. And here is another question that I have racing through my mind: What if I do meet someone I deem worthy of sharing my bed on Skid Row? What do I do with my knitted boyfriend? Does it become a threesome? Do I put knitted boyfriend in the closet and hide him? Or do I share with my new found love interest that I have spent the past winter snuggled up with a machine washable man? Dating is hard enough. I don't need to complicate it with a knitted boyfriend with a creepy face.