I want to thank all of you who have donated to my team for the Big Brothers and Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake.  We didn't win the bowling, but one of our team members won for something else.

Congratulations to Natalie Podgorski, formerly of KTVB channel 7.  She was a horrible bowler.  (sorry Natalie) At one point, 8 frames into the game, she had a 9.  Not a 90, just a 9, after 8 freaking frames.

But Natalie is an amazing hula hooper.  She actually won the hula hoop contest over all other contestants.  So even though we stunk up the joint at bowling, we did raise over $1000 so far and Natalie brought home the trophy for the best hula hooper....yea Pinheads!

You can still help find mentors for deserving children by donating to my team.  I've made it very easy too, just click on the link below.  Every bit helps, even if it's only $5.  Thanks for supporting me and Big Brothers and Sisters