There are a lot of great and not so great articles written on "lines" for men to use on women.  But what about the things you shouldn't say?  Many mistakes can be avoided and first or second dates can turn into full blown relationships if guys would sometimes just keep their big fat mouth shut.  Here are the top ten things you should never say or ask when dating

1 Can I kiss you...(don't ask, just do it already)

2 Can I take you on a date? (see Number 1)

3 Don't brag about your car, job or name drop

4 What do you want to do tonight (a woman wants you to have a plan)

5 I left you a message the other day..What happened?

6 How many guys have you slept with.  (it's gonna be a lie anyway, so why ask?)

7 Do you like me? (women don't like insecure guys)

8 Anything that hints at a long range future. (wait to find out if you like each other to set a wedding date)

9 I'll call you Friday  (don't tell me you'll call, just call me)

10 Don't ever say anything bad about her guy friends.

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