This is just nuts!!!! While I understand the craze of Pokemon Go, I just can not get over the way that people look playing this game. My son Jaden had to spend a few hours in the ER this week and as we drove home in the middle of the night there were crowds of people walking around with there nose in there phones. I’m talking about 10 to 15 people on both sides of the streets waking in a crowd together calling out at each other..”Hey did you catch that one right there!” This is just insane. Downtown Boise along Main and Capital was crowded with Pokemon Go players and we have seen it around our neighborhood in Eagle as well.

If you watch this video and are similar to the people with there nose in the phones and walking around aimlessly trying to find these fictional characters, remember there is still cars driving around and laws to follow. Have fun out there but be careful. – JD