A new haunted house, called The 17th Door, located in Tustin, California is so scary that they make people sign waivers before going through it.
The waiver reads:

"No toddlers or infants will be allowed entry. This attraction is not recommended for visitors who have back problems, heart conditions, are prone to seizures or are in general poor health.

The 17th Door's Website reads: If you think you are prepared to enter Paula's world, then know this: everything inside this realm, which assaults your senses, is real. The question is: Can you make it? Can you walk in Paula's shoes through the dissolution of her life to withstand what's behind that final door? Or will you want to?

Can you survive this to the end or will you scream mercy in order to be escorted out of this nightmare? The only way to make it through is to get all the way to the end and walk through the 17th door, or yell out the safe word "mercy."

The tour lasts about 30 minutes and features 17 different interactive rooms.
So far in the first two weekends of operation, 350 people have had to say mercy.

I don’t like haunted houses even a little bit, so I would never ever enter this place. Ever!

Watch the video tour. Would you enter if you could? Or are you chicken like me?