I've always said I believe in magic. It's all around us. You just have to open your eyes. But I never thought to open my smartphone to find magic.

Steve Frost

According to, Business Insider, texting this phone number will get you anything you want as long as it's not illegal.

Magic operators are available 24/7. How do they make all these requests and wishes come true? That part is still a mystery. You will get an email with your plane ticket info. You will get a knock at the door from a delivery man with pizza in hand. And of course your credit card will be charged. That's not magic.

On top of what you pay for an airline ticket or a dozen roses, you will pay for the magic of it all. The piper has to get paid people. But if you feel your time is more valuable spent elsewhere then this might just be the fairy godmother you've been looking for.

Texting Magic is free. After that, Magic will always give you a firm price that includes a tip before placing your order. The first time you order something with Magic you'll be sent a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link that will take you to an online form to submit your credit-card details (that way you're not texting them your credit-card number). Payment processing is handled by Stripe, which means Magic doesn't store your payment info in its system.

I only have one question for Magic, can you get me the winning ticket for the Powerball drawing on Saturday night? Delivered to my door by a hot, single, emotionally available man in uniform? Too much??

Magic #408-217-1721