I personally think that people who commit credit card fraud are the scum of the earth....In the past 5 years alone, I have had to report fraud on three separate occasions...It's a pain in the ass to get a new card and to re-set all my accounts.  I have never found out how they got my number... but, somehow, someway somebody found a way to get my credit card number and make charges....luckily, I  check on my account on a weekly basis so I caught it quickly...With all the news about stolen info recently, there is a certain charge all of us need to watch for on out statements...it's a dead give-away that our account has been hacked


 According to the Better Business Bureau, you NEED to scan your statement and see if you've been charged . . . for exactly $9.84.

 Apparently a giant network of scammers around the world has been making those small charges on millions of people's credit cards.   They figured it was easier to avoid being noticed stealing $10 from one million people, than $1 million from 10 people.

 The $9.84 charge will look like it's from a legit company . . . you wouldn't recognize the name, so you'd probably just think it was a restaurant or something if you were glancing over your statement.

 If you

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have a random $9.84 charge on your card, call your credit card company immediately, report it, and get a new card.....if you wait, you run the risk that the thieves will eventually hit you with a really big charge down the road.