Sometimes it's good to be number one.  But not this time.

The website Estately broke down what each state has the most of per capita, and Idaho leads the nation in water use, underpaid women, and minimum wage workers.  USA Today did a story last fall and said Idaho lacks women in management roles, which may contribute to the "underpaid" idea that Estately breaks out now.  There are fewer women in Idaho in high-paying positions.  Do you agree?

My home state of Nebraska has the most high school grads per capita, but do they go any further than that?  Some do.  And many move out of state after college graduation, like I did.

Utah leads the country in regular church attendance.  Nevada has the most Facebook users.  Oh, and down in Texas they have the most pet tigers per capita.  And those end up on Tinder in profile photos.

No matter what people say, I love Idaho for the salmon, river adventures, pretty views, and you!