Does anyone else's elbow hurt?

Mine started hurting a few weeks ago and I passed it off as a freak injury that probably happened when I was picking up the 2-year old to give her a smooch and she wiggled free and twisted my funny bone.  But it won't go away and it's getting worse and I made a huge mistake in Googling my symptoms.

Just say no to medical Googling!  It's always a can of worms better left sealed up because it always comes back with horrible possibilities and then tells us to go to the doctor.  Maybe we should start with the doctor.  But I'm pretty sure he will tell me I have 90-degree-computer-and-smart-phone elbow.  You too?

I read that High-tech elbow is a real syndrome, caused by the constant right angle pose that our elbows are in when we're on the computer and texting.  And it's not like our elbows are at rest the whole time they're at that 90-degree angle.  They're connected to our fingers, and those muscles are constantly working, and our elbows are tensed up.

This pain used to be called Tennis Elbow, but now I think they're calling it Mouse Elbow and we all think we have it because we use a mouse more than we play tennis.

Options for treatment are wearing elbow pads, physical therapy, or surgery.  None of those sound appealing to me so I think I'll just put up with it and see if it goes away.

And I'll stop Googling the symptoms!  Because all that Googling has apparently caused it in the first place.