Taylor Swift and her cat are supposed to be popular this Halloween.

If you have a small white cat, call her Olivia Benson and put on a cute dress, and you're Taylor Swift.  Perfect costume for single gals, if you don't mind carrying a cat around all night at your Halloween party.

What else will be popular?  You may see a few ice buckets at parties.  Oh dear.

That ice bucket thing might be a little chilly for your date and you might not make many friends at the party, but you might get a laugh.  And then stand next to someone dressed as a Facebook "Like" button and take pics.

Other pop culture-based costume ideas include:

Maddie Ziegler, the dancer from Sia's Chandelier video, if you're tiny and blonde and don't mind parading around in a nude leotard.

The elevator that Jay-Z and Solange fought in.  Seems a little big and cumbersome to dress like and elevator, but ok.

And I bet there will be plenty of gals padding their butts and pretending they are Nicki Minaj this Halloween.    Guys too!

Have fun!