The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year for us Americans. If you're not a fan of the game and could care less about who wins on Sunday, I have help for you. 

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Yesterday I was thinking about you "non-fans." I was invited to go skiing on Sunday and my reply was, "I can't. The Super Bowl is on." And that's when it hit me. There are people who have no idea the biggest US sporting event is happening in Glendale, AZ on Sunday! There are people who could care less if Seattle or New England win. And for those people, obviously you're going to go skiing, go to the McCall Winter Carnival, watch The Walking Dead marathon and so on. You're covered.

But there is another group of non-fans who need a little help. These non-fans are married to a die hard fan who has been incessantly talking about "The 12th Man" and "Deflate Gate" for the past 2 weeks!. These non-fans were invited to a Super Bowl party and want to go because all their friends will be there and they love buffalo chicken dip! These non-fans like the commercials or their Tinder crush finally got the nerve and asked them to a party! For all of you, I found a cheat sheet that'll give you a general idea of what people at the party, and TV announcers are talking about. You might even be able to throw out a "gridiron reference" that lands you a second date with Mr. Tinder!