I totally admit I am horrible at ending things with a guy. It gives me severe anxiety. I'm not alone in this fear of confrontation. There is now a professional service that will handle your breakup.

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Sorry It’s Over will handle your break up for you. Even sending a text saying, "thanks for the date last night, but I just don't see this going anywhere" sends me into a tailspin of anxiety. I hate hurting guy's feelings. But with texting I should be able to put on my big girl panties and send a text.
The fact that so many people can't find their big girl panties and hate confrontation, lead to the development of this service. The creator says her previous career as a beside nurse gives her the ability to handle other people's break ups.

For just $5.50, she will send a text or email to your future ex-partner. For an increased charge, she will even send a box of tissues or flowers. And for her premium package, she will send a human being to deliver the message face to face.
Currently this service is only available in Australia but if it's a success, she is going to offer it in the United States.

Question, if this was available in the US right now, would you use it?