Girls Scouts in Boise are part of a regional group called Girl Scouts of Silver Sage, and they're keeping us up to date on the cookie arrival.

Tagalongs are my favorite!  I'm one of the oddballs that doesn't pick Thin Mints over everything else.  Unless of course you put them in the freezer.  Frozen Thin Mints are right up there with Nutella in terms of the best snacks ever!

The girls will begin selling cookies at booths located outside of grocery stores and other local retail venues at the end of this month. To find a booth in the area, you can call 1-888-GS-COOKIE or enter your zip code in the Cookie Booth Finder App downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

And this is National Girls Scout Cookie Weekend.  They'll be celebrating all of the business skills scouts acquire by selling the cookies, and the entrepreneurship opportunities that the process provides.  Not to mention the yummy snacks!