One of my buddies just had his divorce finalized and now that everything has been signed and sealed, he is able to sit back and laugh at some of the comical demands from his ex.

Linda Parton of ThinkStock

I couldn't imagine going through a divorce. I can't even handle it when my favorite couple breaks up on my favorite TV show. I've seen some of my friends go through some gut wrenching times and my heart breaks for them. Then after the fog clears and sun starts to shine again they're able to look back and see a few silver linings, or like one of my buddies, get a good laugh.

His marriage of 6 years ended and his divorce was finalized just before Christmas and he is finally feeling a little better. He mentioned to me how crazy the divorce proceeding got with her demands and when he shared them with me, I asked if I could share this with you. He said, " Sure. Maybe someone else is going through what I did and this will make them see they aren't alone in the world of crazy divorce demands."

His ex wife wanted him to pay off her $36,000 credit card debt even though she had taken the cards out using their 2 year old daughter's SSN! It was fraud and not realizing she was admitting that in court, she insisted he pay the debt. Of course, he had a good lawyer who proved that not one of the $36,000 charges was his. Plus, she is in the process of dealing with identity theft. But she still drug it out through court.

I had another friend who fought with her ex over the Christmas decorations for 6 months. Good grief go out and buy new ones! I have also heard of people fighting over their World of Warcraft avatars. I actually don't even know what that statement means but they were spending money on that fight in the courts. I know these people aren't the only ones. What crazy thing did your ex attempt to get in your divorce, whether they got it or not?