I can't wrap my brain around not knowing where my next meal is coming from. Seriously, I could tell you what I am eating next Thursday for lunch! In turn that makes me so passionate to feed those in need!By definition food insecurity means that a person doesn't know where their next meal is coming from. The first time I ever heard this I couldn't comprehend it. It broke my heart to think of anyone worrying about where they would get dinner that night.

Little kids, going to be bed hungry and wondering when they will eat again is not okay with me. I, personally feel, that all of us who can afford to help those less fortunate can make a real difference one can at a time. It really is that simple. If every able bodied person donated, I feel the face of hunger would drastically change in this country and right here in Idaho.

Today I will be hosting the Feed the Need Food Drive for Valley County at Mattress Land Sleep Fit Center in Boise on Riffleman.

Hunger knows no boundaries. Hunger doesn't understand zip codes or county lines. Today from 8AM-4PM, Mattress Land Sleep Fit Center will be collecting non perishable food items for Donnelly Food Bank and Free Store, Cascade Food Pantry and WICAP Valley County. If you donate an meal that will feed a family of 4 you will get a free lift ticket to Tamarack Resort for opening day on Friday. Tamarack Resort is in Valley County and wants to help out their neighbors and residents and I was more than willing to help when they asked! I love to do all the things Valley County has to offer (skiing, snowshoeing, summer recreation, golf, hiking, camping...etc) so of course I will help those in need! I would feel like a complete hypocrite to go play in Valley County and then turn my back when someone says, "I'm hungry." And how generous of Tamarack to offer up free lift tickets for Friday to those of us who can donate! Talk about coming full circle!

So if you can, please drop off a meal for a family of 4 at Mattress Land Sleep Fit Center in Boise. Even if you don't ski, please help out and give the lift ticket to a friend who will use it.

Meal ideas include:Pancake Mix, syrup and juice
Tuna Helper, canned tuna and veggies
Canned meats and canned veggies
Baking goods like flour and sugar
Healthy treats and snacks for kids like granola bars, fruit snacks and juice boxes.

We are also collecting gently used coats and snow boots.

Thank in advance for helping! Every little bit helps and goes a long way!

Mattress Land Sleep Fit Center
7940 W. Riffleman St Boise
Across Emerald from Applebee's
Just north of Boise Town Square