Most of us enjoy a fast food meal every now and then. OK, some of us enjoy fast food way more than that. But are there some fast foods that you should never order? According to fast food workers there are certain things that you should never ever order.

Olga Nayashkova, THinkstock

The reasons that you should never order these items, vary depending on restaurant and in some cases even time of day.  For instance according to an article from you should never order salad from this place late in the day, because it will never be fresh...The greens and vegetables have been sitting out all day. Don't order potatoes and gravy from this restaurant because of how they are made and where the ingredients come from.

Remember, these come from people who have worked at each of these fast food places.  We'd love for you to ad your experiences below in the comment section.  According to your personal work experiences, which items should you never order at certain fast food     restaurants.

Or maybe you're like me and ignorance is bliss