For most public schools around the Treasure Valley next week is a break from the books, and a time relax and have fun. While a majority of people love to escape there normal settings, I have found a way to still have a great time staying put right inside our city.

Credit: JD Hanks/ Townsquare Media Boise

Boise Escape is a clue based team building crazy fun game that has blown up all over the Treasure Valley. There are so many "Escape" sites across the US, and to have it here in our own city is fantastic. I've experienced the intense feeling while playing this game on a trip to Tennessee last fall. I was trapped in a tiny space with 4 other people and we had to figure out by using clues that were hidden through out the room, how to Escape and accomplish the goal of the mission. We had 1 hour to get through and only allowed 5 "hints" from our team lead. The pressure was up, but the excitement was so real and adrenaline was pumping it was so much fun.

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Chose from a variety of "Missions" at Boise Escape. Go with medium difficulty and decipher clues to crack the code of Mr. Langston's House. Or treck through the "Lost City of Z" where you and a group of your peers search the office of an old explorer while using critical team working skills and keys and brain busters that are sure to stump you. Want to go expert Tick Tock Boom will unlock its doors in April and the pressure will be on in the 60 minutes provided to stop the bomb that is hidden somewhere in a mad scientists lab.

The fun of all of this is the team working aspect. This is a great chance to get your friends and family together or co workers looking for to build some team support. Believe me you never know what you will do under pressure with 1 hour to escape a tiny room.

Boise Escape Game