I really took one for the team after suffering through 2 hours and 35 minutes of this painful, awful movie. I wasn't looking for any recognition when I pushed play, but I really should be given a medal for watching this atrocious film all the way through.

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To say I was under the weather for the last two days would be an understatement. I haven't been this sick since I had pneumonia years ago. Laid up on the couch and with no desire to watch daytime TV I decided to catch up on my DVR. I open it up expecting to see the usual recordings of Ridiculousness and Millionaire Matchmaker but on top was The Place Behind The Pines. "Ohh," I think, "that movie with Ryan Gossling and Bradley Cooper. I wanted to see that so bad in the theater and missed it. No better time to watch it then when you are in a Thera-Flu coma on the couch!"

After 53 minutes I thought, oh good...it's over! I check the time and realize I am only 53 minutes in. That is how bad this movie was! I told myself numerous times I should turn it off and watch an episode of Ridiculousness but for some strange reason I didn't. I blame it on the cold medicine. The next hour and 42 minutes did not get any better. The character development was non existent. The acting was flat. And I felt even worse than it was over. What an ugly movie with no lesson, no point, no purpose. It's hard for me to say that about two hotties like Ryan and Bradley but I want to save you from watching a horrible movie!

Mike and I always talk about what movies you should watch but we need to start the list of movies to avoid. I am not talking about just bad movies that are up for a Razzie award. I am talking about movies that could possible ruin your day. The worst movie you have ever seen! I'll start: The Place Behind The Pines

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