What happened to the good old days, when teenagers spent Memorial Day weekend trying to find some beer or awkwardly fondling each other?  This year they spent it doing something much crazier.  Trying to summon a Mexican Demon named Charlie

This is a HUGE trend that blew up on social media this weekend, called the "Charlie Charlie Challenge."

Apparently people are performing an old Mexican superstitious ritual where you balance one pencil on top of another to form a cross.  Then you say, "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?"  And then, if the Mexican demon named Charlie really IS there, the pencils move.

Chances are that since it's so hard to balance two pencils on top of each other, that is the reason that the pencils are moving.  But that's not stopping teenagers from freaking out when their pencils move.  I guess it's just good to see kids using pencils for ANYTHING these days and not just texting.

I don't know about anybody else, but I am not trying this.  If you do indeed tempt fate, call or e-mail and let me know what happened.  Good Luck and Happy Demon summoning.