I know this is a sensitive subject, but I can't stop thinking about it, since I read about this recent study from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.  According to the study, did you know that there is a better than 50% chance that you are brushing your teeth with poo? That's right, human poo.


The study found that, 55% of them had fecal matter on the bristles.  In addition,  the more people you share your bathroom with, the more likely it is that you have poo on your toothbrush.  The thing that jumped out at me is the 55%.  That's a pretty good chance that I've been brushing my teeth with someone's poop.  EWWWWW!!!!!

How you may ask yourself is poo getting on my toothbrush if it's 10 feet away from the toilet?  Tin particles get splashed into the air every time you flush, and those tiny particles eventually come to rest everywhere in your bathroom, including the toothbrush you have sitting on your sink

Toothbrush covers didn't really help stop the infestation of poo on your toothbrush.   In fact, they just gave it a better, more cozy environment to breed in.  And no amount of hot or cold water could decontaminate the toothbrushes either.

So what should you do to avoid all this?  One, close the toilet lid before you flush.  Two, figure out a better place to store your toothbrush, like a medicine cabinet, a drawer, or in another room altogether.  But what ever you do, don't keep it on the counter by the sink.

Really gives new meaning to the phrase "potty-mouth" doesn't it?


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. . . Giving new meaning to the term "potty mouth."  (Rim Shot!)  (Tweet This)


. . . And four out of five dentists recommend that those people with the poopy toothbrushes go see the fifth dentist.