Did you know that only 7 people were in control of the internet.  And no, Al Gore is not one of them.  Here's a video of the very first key ceremony conducted in 2010. Skip to 1:58 to see the ceremony.I know this sounds like something from a movie script, but it's completely true.

There are seven people on Earth who have actual physical keys that control the entire Internet, and they come together every three months to generate new codes to keep the Internet safe.

They call it a "key ceremony."   It's called a ceremony because there are about 100 scripted steps they have to follow in order to keep the process secure.

The seven people come from all different countries, and they volunteer to be key holders for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

This is a company that keeps track of domain names.  The company does it this way so that no one country controls the security for the whole Internet.  If their system is compromised, then anyone could redirect any Internet traffic to any place at all, and set up bogus websites to steal any and all information they wanted.

If an emergency or disaster happened, the ICANN database could need to be rebuilt. So ICANN came up with a way to do that without entrusting too much control to any one person.

Four times a year since 2010 the seven keyholders meet for the key ceremony where they generate a new master key, i.e. a new password.

The security to be admitted to the ceremony is intense. It involves passing through a series of locked doors using codes and eye and hand scanners, until arriving into a secure room where no one and nothing can get in or out.  Not ever electronic communications can escape it.


Now my only question is how do we know we can trust these 7 people.  I guess there could still be a movie script written for this huh?