Every singer or group that performs artist has a thing called a concert rider.  It's a contract that covers all requests for that artist from sound, speakers and lights etc.  It also includes special requests for backstage, like towels and food for them to enjoy before and after their concerts.  Some of the requests for Boise Music Festival Artists are pretty out there.

Mike Kasper,Townsquare Media with Rob Thomas

During the past 5 years here are some of the more ridiculous requests from artists who have performed here at the Boise Music Festival.  Things like: 40 brand new white towels, with receipt to prove they were bought that day.

Fresh Seaweed. (really in Boise Idaho? How fresh is it really gonna be?)

6 shrimp on ice, 3 inches in diameter served on an 8 inch plate

A framed picture of Howdy Doody

This artist refused to be driven around in anything but a black vehicle.

An Artist at this years BMF (6/27/15) has requested only white towels back stage up until one hour before the show.  Then at exactly one hour before going on stage, he requests that all the white towels be removed and replaced with all black towels.

Another of this years artists requests 6 packs of Dentyne gum.  Good grief how much gum can one guy chew at a time?



Check out the link below for some other absolutely ridiculous concert requests from some very famous artists.



Mike Kasper, Townsquare Media, Boise Music Festival Crowd