I've always heard about this amazing spot north of McCall, called Burgdorf. I thought we could mountain bike out to it this past weekend. Let's just say, I didn't make it out there on my bike, but I did get there and now you can see for yourself why you too need to go to Burgdorf!

Burdgorf, Idaho is 31 miles north of McCall. If you are like me and for some strange reason thought the only way you could get there is by mountain bike or snowmobile on an old jeep road, you're wrong. From McCall, you can drive 29 miles north on Warren Wagon Road which is paved the entire way! Who knew? And then turn left at Burgdorf Junction and go another 2 miles down a gravel road and you are there.

According to the web, Burgdorf was originally a sacred site for Native Americans, its hot springs were discovered by unknown Chinese miners and settled by young German immigrant Fred C. Burgdorf in the late 1860s. Burgdorf was turned into a resort by 1870 after mining dried up.