Saltine Cracker Challenge [ VIDEO ]
Another Viral Video Challenge, and the Mix Morning Show had to try it out. Some things, just can't be unheard. Watch the video and see how a tooth was chipped on saltine crackers.
Did You Know Idaho Will Loan You Camping Gear for Free?
Ever wanted to try camping, but didn't want to buy the gear for fear of wasting money on something you might not enjoy? Well worry no more, because the Idaho Parks and Recreation department will loan you free camping equipment that will let you check it out before you spend money loading up on …
New Chick-fil-A and Free Food Coming to Nampa
Chick-fil-A opens a new restaurant almost every week of the year somewhere in the world and we have a new one coming to the Treasure Valley. Of course with as with all Chick-fil-A grand Openings you have the chance to win free food for a year.

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