Anti-Bullying Rally Planned in April
Earlier this month we told you about an 11-year-old girl named Sara, that had been bullied and endured messages of hate left for her by other students telling her she was ugly and that she should kill herself. Unfortunately, she tried to take her own life, but luckily, her mother found her in time a…
The Best Places to Buy Jeans for Under $50
There's so much that goes into a pair of jeans becoming our go-to pair. We want them to hit the style trends, be comfortable, and not break the bank. Check out these ideas on ways to make it all happen this spring.
MoviePass Lowers Its Price Again
There are several theaters in the Treasure Valley that honor MoviePass, and using the pass at those theaters just got cheaper. A month after lowering the monthly fee to $7.95, the subscription price has fallen by another buck.

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