You might remember the story from Valentine's day this  year, when I purchased a Ring Candle for my wife, which she was less than happy about.   It's a candle that has a ring inside.  That ring is valued at either $10...$100...$1000, or $5000. She said I should have saved the $49 and put it towards a real ring that she might like.

However, had I got her this instead, she would have been ecstatic.

A nine-year-old girl came across a strange surprise in her Goldfish crackers when she opened a packet to discover a silver wedding ring, complete with diamonds.

The little girl reached inside the bag — and instead of a handful of crackers, she pulled out a diamond wedding ring instead.

Pepperidge Farms, the company that makes Goldfish, is baffled. No one has reported a ring missing and employees are forbidden from wearing jewelry while working.

Also, all packages go through a metal detector before being shipped out.
Let's just say, my lovely wife wasn't none to happy about the Candle ring, but she loves Goldfish crackers.  She buys them in the gallon containers.  So had I been a little smarter and put a ring inside a container of Goldfish crackers, instead of a candle, my Valentines Day might have been a little happier.




Mike Kasper,Townsquare Media