Friday night, I attended an annual tradition at O Conner Field house in Caldwell.  It's young men and women lacing up boxing gloves and trying to beat the bajeezes out of each other.  It's C-Town Fight Night to raise money for

the Caldwell high school football team and the College of Idaho baseball team.  O Conner was packed with two to three thousand would be boxing fans willing to shell out $10 to $30 per ticket to see some amateur boxing and to help the two programs raise money.

The fight takes place in a pro boxing ring with real boxing refs.  Ring girls announce each new round and doctors are on standby just in case.

The fight action was fast and furious, for at least the first minute or so. Then exhaustion set in for nearly every single participant. It's very tiring to pummel your counterpart into submission, especially if you weren't in that great of shape to begin with.

It's the fifth fight night that I've attended and this, like all the others was very entertaining. Check out the videos I have for you.  and yes in the next video, those are two girls that are going at it.  In the final bout, you see two of College of Idaho's football players going at it.