It's not hard to see or even feel. The City is growing. The longer commutes to work through the  Downtown, or even that rocky stretch along Chinden before you hit up the Dutch Bros has cause some frustration. Never fear, there is a reason for that.


3600 new construction jobs in the city of Boise alone has landed our great metropolis on yet another list. This time we have earned the number two billing for second fastest city for construction growth. According to the Association of General Contractors the state of Idaho and Boise in specific has had a 19% increase from last year. Construction is big business and as we have all seen and felt the folly of it coming down Broadway towards the bridge the impact that these jobs have on the community is substantial.With all the work around town lets just say you were to throw out a round number of people who are working these construction jobs. Go ahead take a guess....Would you believe last year over 22,000 men and women tirelessly worked through hotter than hot days, long tedious nights, and blistering winter mornings.  I for one wish i could thank every single one of your hands for being the worker bees of our great city, and building it into something we can all be proud of. Thank you for what you do! And kudos to the city for making another great list. - JD