When you think beautiful fall colors, most of us think the North East part of our country, but Idaho really is a great place to watch the seasons change, if you know where to look.



Fall officially begins today 9/22 at 2:02 pm. There really are some great places to watch the fall foliage.  Boise after all is known as the city of trees and a lot of those trees will be changing color over the next few weeks. But there are many great places to see the colors of Autumn in Idaho and below are a few of those...and if you can't drive to see them, enjoy the videos:

The City of Trees:


Swan Valley, Idaho at Palisades Reservoir


Fall in Moscow Idaho, home of the University of Idaho



Fall around the Coeur d 'Alene River in North Idaho

One of my favorite places in the fall....the Sawtooth Mountains..here's Redfish Lake

If you want to head way north...almost to the Canadian Border, you will find Lake Pend Oreille Scenic Byway beautiful in the fall