Most of the time no one wants to admit that they're clumsy in love. This is not one of those times, because it could pay off for you just in time for Valentine's Day!

Mix 106

I'm hosting a singles mixer at Hannah's on Friday night at the 2nd annual Clumsy Fest for those you are Clumsy In Love! Normally around Valentine's Day if you are flying solo you are feeling a little left out because this day is for the couples. Not this year! I have a great night planned for us starting at Wise Guys Pizza for beer and pizza followed by the Clumsy Fest at Hannah's. Live music, dancing and a ton of fun!


Don't beat yourself up for being single on the loviest day of the year. Instead share with me why you are Clumsy In Love. Share the good stuff! Do you always pick the bad boy? Guys, do you always pick the crazy chick? Have you been cheated on? Did she take every last penny you had? Did you find out she was married? Did he forget to tell you that he is on house arrest?

I am have a spot for one more guy and his single buddy and one more woman and her single gal pal for the Mix 106 Singles Mixer at the Clumsy Fest at Hannah's Friday night. To be considered, post your Clumsy In Love story below in the comments section, post it on Facebook at Mix 106 Radio or you can send an email to . Winners will be selected by 10am Thursday Feb 13th.

Good Luck and Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow clumsies!