A lot of us don't stop to pick up a penny on the ground, but you might want to start, banks have been dropping pennies each worth $1000 in cities across America.

I almost never stop to pick up a penny I see on the ground... I may take a closer look at picking those pennies up, now that some are worth $1000

As part of their Lucky Penny promotion, which was put together to show just how much change we waste and throw away every year, Ally Bank has dropped 100 fake pennies in cities across the country. Each of those pennies, if found are worth one thousand dollars each.

The lucky pennies look exactly like normal pennies, but feature the bank's logo instead of Abraham Lincoln's head. And the flip side of the coin lists their value at 100,000 cents.

And if you don’t think you have the kind of time in your busy life to search for pennies in a city full of change, just check out their Twitter feed.  They are also providing hints for where you can find the pennies.


Good luck and happy hunting