As a Kid we all Know that life really is harder for grown ups....even though we have our own giant issues that grown ups don't have to worry about....Like homework.  But when you were a kid, what did you think the WORST part of being an adult would be.

Some things that I thought would be the worst are below....what are some of yours?

When I was a kid I thought my Parents had to watch the news on TV every night.  I though it was mandatory...because who would watch the news if you didn't have to....I never dreamed that they were watching because they liked it....until I became an I HAVE to watch the news.


Drinking Beer was another thing....I thought it tasted awful and couldn't understand why my dad would choose beer when as an adult he could drink Kool Aid or pop

.....what about a kid, what did you think was going to be the worst part of being an adult.