Remember "The Dress," optical illusion?  If you like that, then you will love this optical illusion.  It doesn't have the quite the same appeal of the dress photo but it'll definitely make you feel special if you can see it, because only 1 out of 15 people can see it.

Chrononauts,Miller Murphy

A comic book series called "Chrononauts" just came out.  It's by the guy who made the comics behind those "Kick-Ass" movies.  And there's a drawing of a cracked watch on the cover.

It looks normal to most of us, but around one in 15 people don't just see a broken watch, they also see a GREEN HOURGLASS on a purple background.

The only way you'll see it is if you have a rare form of color blindness where the part of your brain that processes vision is wired to see extra colors the rest of us can't.

It almost always occurs in people who are right-brain dominant, which includes people who are super-creative, like musicians and artists.  Obviously they put it on the comic book on purpose, to get attention for the comic book.