When we lose our loved ones on two legs or on four taking some time off of work is needed. It's justified even. Now a Boise company is saying take a few extra days off if man's best friend goes to doggy heaven.

I have been through many "our family dog has gone to a farm where they can run and have more space" situations. It's heartbreaking. Pets Best, is a Boise based insurance company geared specifically towards pets is now letting there workers take one paid day of leave for every year they are employed. The company insures over 70,000 pets across the United States and helps in those times when the vet bills are a bit on the overwhelming side.



This company based right in our own back yard is on the brink of something that I believe all big and small companies should adopt. Losing a family member is losing a family member. Taking those days off are needed for the healing and grieving process. I say good work Pets Best. I love the compassion these folks show to everyone.

Read the Idaho Business Review's write up about the company to learn more about what they are doing to make this hard time a bit easier. - JD