If 66 percent of the population approves of something, that's pretty good, right?

Well, two out of three of my kids loved the 3D movie we went to over the weekend, and that third kid was having none of it.  Do you have one of those kids that party poops?  I think I have three of them actually, and they each deny fun at different times.  That keeps parenthood exciting!  Looking on the bright side.

Jen Austin Townsquare Media

I took the kids to see Island of Lemurs: Madagascar over the weekend and I thought it was a great pick, because I'm a single mom and it's only 40-minutes long.  Surely we could avoid potty breaks and sit still for that long, right?  Well that part was accomplished, but 2-year old Piper wasn't too fond of the 3D glasses and didn't see why she had to wear sunglasses in the dark.  I managed to keep the 3D shades on her for a couple of pictures, and then she watched part of the movie without them.  After about ten minutes she fell asleep on my lap.  But the 4-year old and 6-year old thought the movie was great!  So did I.  Morgan Freeman narrates, and it made me fall in love with lemurs and want to name a football team after them.

Next time we'll let Piper pick the movie, and chances are it won't be 3D (or D3 as the 4-year old calls it).

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!