I was reading an article recently on Reddit, talking about the top 15 things men wished women knew.

Here are a few:

Steve Frost,Thinkstock

1. Men will find other women attractive, but it doesn't mean anything. Just because we find other women attractive, it doesn't mean we find you any less attractive or would leave you for a stranger that passes by.

2. Don't fight like you're in a movie. Don't storm out of a room expecting him to run after you, after a fight. Mature guys don’t like drama….this is high school drama.

3. Silence isn’t bad. Guys are happy just sitting and being next to you.

4. Don’t take porn personally. We have been watching porn since we were 12 years old. Some women believe that porn is cheating. Guys don't see it that way! Don't taking watching porn so seriously... it is nothing against you.

What about you? Let’s help the ladies out guys. What other things do you wish women knew about us?