Stray #9's exact breed is not know, but with a face like this, tri-colored paws, raccoon eyes and a personality that doesn't stop, Mitsi is irresistible!

Meet Mitsi! We can't decide exactly what breed she is but we all agree on some variation of "terrier" Let's see what we know about begin with,she is adorable. Her wirey charcoal coat with tri-color paws, racccoon eyes, white chest and tail tip are truly unique. ..and she's got those gorgeous great big brown eyes. She is 2 years old and a medium sized dog. Before we get beyond the looks department, it is important to know that Mitsi is not going to be a "turn-key" dog. We know that she has a mind of her own, and will let you know immediately if she doesn't like what you are doing. She needs to know what is expected of her from somebody that will be a strong but gentle leader. A leader who is, above all, consistent with her. Because she is strong willed, she was a disappointment to previous adopters who may not have had the patience and leadership that she will require. She will reward you many times over for your effort. It is clear that she has boundless energy, both physical and mental . She loves to run and play and she also likes a job. She has been one of only a handful of dogs included in our K9 Nose Works training. While she has just begun, she is showing signs of being one of the best participants so far. The program uses a dog's hunting instincts to provide mental exercise. It is especially helpful for dogs who are extremely bright, need work, but are struggling in the confining shelter environment. The good news is she's show great potential for being a champion, but that means she needs to have a regular outlet for that mental activity - some work to do or games to play. Mitsi is a social butterfly. During a volunteer orientation, she became the official greeter for the session, introducing herself to each of the volunteers, asking to help with the flyers and making sure no one escape before orientation was over. She was also on the lookout for anybody who tried to sneak in without signing in. She seems to be okay with other dogs, but reportedly chases cats. Careful introductions with other pets are always a good idea. She has a special place in the hearts of many of the volunteers who are hoping she finds a perfect home for Christmas. Mitsi is located in Holding 1 at The Canyon County Animal Shelter.