Nothing says Merry Christmas like a big ball of white fur! Meet Gavin, Stray #3 in my 12 Strays of Christmas from the Canyon County Animal Shelter.

Meet Gavin, a male Dalmatian Miix that weighs 53 pounds, and is 1 year old. Gavin knows sit, stay, come, down and fetch. He may be mixed with a pointer of some sort as he will point at birds. He knows uh uh as a corrective word and o.k. as a release word.

He is house trained and crate trained, although he need a little encouragement getting into the crate, once he is inside, he is quiet as a mouse. He does semi-alright on a leash, but does like to pull a bit probably due to his high energy so we would recommend a martingale collar or the metal spiked no pull collars because he has some strength behind him and his previous owner was working on leash etiquette. He is high energy and will need daily walks.

Gavin also knows to sit at doorways and let you go first, and to sit and wait for the fetch command before you throw a ball. He LOVES balls. He is a chewer, and will chew most balls you aren't currently throwing, so the previous owner got the Kong thick rubber kind after he chewed and destroyed several other kinds. Gavin is great with other dogs, but NOT with cats. Wanting Joy for your holidays and the rest of your life, then please come meet Gavin and if you cant meet him, can you share him, while he still has the twinkle in his eye!!!

Gavin is located in kennel number 20 in dog adoptions at the Canyon County Animal Shelter located at 5801 Graye Lane in Caldwell.

The hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm and Sunday from 10am - 4pm.

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